Safety Management

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Safety and Complaint Management System for the manufacturing industry.


Safety App and Portal


Leading Manufacturing Conglomerate




ASP.NET, Android, iOS

Executive Summary

The safety and complaint management system has been developed for a leading manufacturer of bulk and speciality chemicals and a market leader in the chlor-alkali segment in India. Celusion developed a web and mobile app to be used by the customers and safety experts of the client for easy resolution of safety issues and smooth communication.

The Challenge

The key challenges faced by the manufacturing giant were:

  • A system to report or track issues and ensure safety was missing. It was being done manually over the phone.
  • Lack of visibility on the categories and locations of the safety issues.
  • No reports on the issues being reported and no turnaround time (TAT) calculation on the resolving of the safety issues.

The Solution

After analysing the challenges, the team at Celusion developed a safety and complaint management system for customers and the safety experts. This ensured that there was real-time safety issue reporting done seamlessly through the mobile and web app.

There are 25000 tonners carrying Chlorine from the manufacturing plants to around 250 customers across India. The application developed by Celusion enabled the following:

  • Zone wise safety experts mapped in the system who are in charge of resolving safety issues of that particular zone.
  • Customers can raise an issue which directly goes to the safety expert of that zone who resolves it.
  • Customer provides feedback and rating based on the service provided.
  • A significant decrease in the TAT for resolving safety issues

Other Features include:

  • Dashboard which shows all the complaints open, closed, ratings, status summary and also the Category summary which shows which area has most safety issues.
  • Hierarchy based mapping of the team, mapping of zone wise safety experts, customers, plants and tonners
    Customer rating and feedback.
  • Comprehensive Library which has safety guidelines documents and videos for customers.
  • Reports which helps in analysis and decision making to improve safety and customer satisfaction.

This is helping the client to easily track and resolve safety issues and to have flawless communication between customers and safety experts.