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Web portal to consolidate POS transactions at each store.


Web Portal


Supermarket Chain





The Client is one of the largest supermarket store chains in India, having their stores spread across the country. Each store had a food counter where all transactions were made in cash. The sales transactions were recorded in a billing device. The data from the billing device was recorded manually in spreadsheets and then sent to the core financial system for integration. All the operations were being done manually.

The Challenge

The challenges faced include:

  • As all operations were manually done, the integrity of the sales data could not be assured.
  • The data flow was one way and the stores could not access the data from the core financial system.
  • With the number of centres increasing year after year, it was getting difficult for the Management of the company to track the sales across all the stores.

The Solution

The team at Celusion Technologies, after analysing the current working, came up with a centralised web-based POS sync application which addressed all the challenges faced by the Management.

The solution provided put IT into productive use and ensured that:

  • The sales data from each store was integrated with the core financial system of the company, in real time.
  • Integrity of data was established by ensuring that the master data flows from the core financial system to each store and the transactions data flows from the store to the core financial system.
  • Provision to manage any number of stores ensuring real time tracking of sales data.

The web-based application could be accessed by each store using valid credentials. A desktop application was also developed and deployed in each store to read the data automatically from the billing device and also to update the billing device with the master data.

All the transactions recorded in the handheld billing device was extracted at pre-defined intervals by the desktop application and sent to the centralised web based system.

Any update to the master data would be sent from the core system to the web based system. From here the data was sent to the handheld billing device through the desktop application.

The entire operation (2 way communication) between the core system and the handheld billing device was automated and the manual process of entering the data in spreadsheets was totally done away with.

The Result

The web and desktop application resulted in streamlined operations at each store where all the data could now be recorded and retrieved easily whenever needed, in real time.

The solution provided by Celusion helped the Management get a real time view of the sales data across all the centres by generating various MIS reports.