Motor Surveys

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Web portal to automate Motor Surveys for Field Agents.


Motor Survey Portal


General Insurance





The Motor Survey System was a project executed for one of the largest general insurance company in India, which provides different types of policies in the field of insurance. The business operations include enquiries, claim-creation, invoicing and monetary documents which are maintained manually by its Business Partners and later on synchronized with their Document Management System.

The Challenge

The key challenges faced by this organization were:

  • Turnaround Time (TAT) for setting insurance claims was high, resulting in difficulties to the insurance policy holders
  • Problems were faced in storage and handling of large volumes (in excess of 20,000 per month) of claim related documents
  • Lack of communication link between the insurers and surveyors leading to inadequate information flow

The Solution

The main objectives of the solution were:

  • Reducing the Turnaround Time (TAT) for settling the claims to an acceptable level.
  • Improving the storage & handling of the claim related documents on a Document Management System.
  • Facilitating handling of huge volume of claims, which were increasing month by month
  • Creating a communication bridge between the insurers and surveyors

The team at Celusion Technologies, after analysing the challenges, came up with a centralised web-based application, Motor Survey System, which addressed all the challenges faced by the Management. The web-based Motor Survey System could be accessed by each stakeholder (surveyors, insurers etc.) using valid credentials.

The application developed enabled the business partner to maintain the business transactions at a central location. The application was integrated with other legacy systems to manage surveys and successfully process more than 20,000 claims a month. All communication between the stakeholders was automated.

The application was made capable of storing all the details of the claims including photos and other relevant documents required by insurance company for verification of claim.

The application was also integrated with the Document Management System to store and retrieve (whenever needed) all the relevant documents and photos pertaining to a claim.

The Result

  • The TAT for motor insurance claims was reduced by more than 60%.
  • Integration with the legacy systems helped the processing large volumes of claims in a month.
  • The Management at the company also got a real time view of the number of claims being processed and the status of each of the claim.