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Analyst portal to manage & view Investment Research calls.


Research Analyst Portal


Sushil Finance





The Company

Sushil Finance, established and growing under the leadership of Shri Sushil N Shah, is one of the major brokerage houses in India. A member of Bombay Stock Exchange since 1982, Sushil Finance started off with IPO in the Primary Market Division and subsequently commenced its Secondary Market Division in the year 1986.

The company is associated with more than 70 financial institutions and banks including Sicom Investment & Finance Ltd., TCG Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., Axis Mutual Fund – Cash & FNO, Allahabad Bank, United Bank of India, Japan Trustee Services Bank Ltd., Reliance Capital Pension Fund Ltd. to name a few. With more than 140,000 clients and over 575 Channel Partners in its kitty, Sushil Finance is constantly growing and strengthening its base across India.

The Challenge

The Research team at Sushil Finance from the Equity, Commodity & Mutual Fund sectors, release research-based calls, intended for investors from all walks of life. These calls are released by fundamental and technical analysts after thorough analysis. These research calls are then relayed to the subscribers through Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) in the form of email and SMS.

Since all the calls are time bound, any delay in this relay resulted in the calls not reaching the subscriber in time for them to invest objectively. The challenge was to ensure timely relay of the information to its subscribers.

The Solution

The team at Celusion Technologies, after analysing the challenge, came up with a web portal which addressed all the challenges faced by Sushil Finance. The team developed a web portal which recorded all the research calls released by the experts/analysts at Sushil Finance.

A dashboard was created which would be refreshed every time a new research call was released. The Customer Relationship Managers could also login to this portal so that they would have a real time view to all the calls being released instead of relying only on emails.

In addition to this dashboard, the calls are also released to the subscribers in the form of email and SMS. The dashboard was categorised into various sectors like Equity, Commodity, Mutual Fund etc. for better representation of all the released calls. The portal has been developed in such a way that it is very easy to configure a new product and also release calls for the same.

The portal also makes it possible for the CRM to resend a research call in the form of email/SMS in case a customer has misplaced the original one.

The Result

The dashboard was opened to all the subscribers who could directly login to this portal to view the latest research calls. Further enhancements to this portal also allowed the subscriber to view his/her financial portfolio online.

Certain tools were included to empower the subscribers in their decision making process in choosing the appropriate financial product.

The time taken for the research calls to reach the subscribers has been drastically reduced and provision to view the data online is also made.