Celusion® Technologies Private Limited was founded in the year 2004 with a focus on creating software products that leverage emerging technologies in the field of mobility & communication. Over the decade, Celusion has diversified it’s portfolio to include application development services across multiple technology stacks.

From a modest beginning with 2 employees and 200 sq. ft. office, to around 100 employees and 3000 sq. ft. modern infrastructure, the journey has been exciting & has laid a strong foundation for an exponential growth. Over the years, the company has serviced a large client base including some of the top corporates in India across different industry verticals. The company is now expanding its operations to other geographies to acquire customers in all the major continents by 2020 with a VISION TO BE A GLOBAL COMPANY

celusion-logoThe CELUSION LOGO signifies the core beliefs & values of the organization. The hexagon depicts the basic formation of cell towers installed by cell operators. The essence being, the hexagon formation covers every inch in space in terms of network coverage while we cover every solution in the world of technology. The colours RGB (Red, Green and Blue) form the three basic colours which when blended in different proportions form any colour. Celusion with its expertise in independent technologies, will blend its expertise to provide all-embracing solutions in the technology world.

  1. Passion for technology
  2. Commitment to deliver
  3. Motivated by challenges
  4. Embrace change
  5. Honest and Respectable

It is the core values exhibited by each member of the organization that form the company values and we have a family, with great values. It is these core values that have created an environment of sustainable growth & innovation at Celusion. Every new member inducted into the team is examined to ensure their cultural fit in the organization.